La Guerre et la Paix. Approches et Enjeux de la Sécurité et de la Stratégie

I had the pleasure to co-author with Charles-Philippe David the 4th edition of his classic “La Guerre et la Paix”.
The book is available online from the Presses de Sciences Po.

How to challenge an international order: Russian diplomatic practices in multilateral security organisations

My latest article on Russian diplomatic practices in multilateral security organisations has been published by the European Journal of International Relations. It is available online and in pdf.

Thinking about Strategic Culture

I published a book chapter (in French) in an edited book entitled “Thinking About Collective Violence”, edited by Cynthia Salloum and Benjamin Brice.

The book is a collection of essays by historians, political scientists and lawyers trying to grasp the different forms of collective violence (religious violence, war, genocides…).

My own contribution focuses on the concept of strategic culture, and tries to provide a balanced assesment of its analytical usefulness.

The book can be ordered here, and is also available as an ebook.