Editor for the website “Les lectures d’AEGES”  presenting more than 160 book reviews since June 2012.

“Weapon of Choice. Small Arms and the Culture of Military Innovation, by Matthew Ford”, International Affairs, 94/1, 2018.

“The Emergence of Globalism. Visions of World Order in Britain and the United States, 1939-1950, by Or Rosenboim”, Lectures/Liens socio, 31 July 2017.

“Le Procès des Droits de l’Homme. Généalogie du Scepticisme Démocratique, by Justine Lacroix and Jean-Yves Pranchère”, Politique Etrangère, 2016.

“Order Within Anarchy: The Laws of War as an International Institution, by James D. Morrow”, Revue Française de Science Politique, 65/6, 2015 (in French)

“The Future of Violence. Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones, by Benjamin Wittes and Gabriella Blum”, Politique Etrangère, 80/4, 2015 (in French)

“La Guerre en Questions. Conflits contemporains Théorie Politique et Débats Normatifs, edited Julie Saada”, Politique Etrangère, 80/4, 2015 (in French)

“My Enemy’s Enemy. Proxy Warfare in International Politics, by Geraint Hughes”, Politique Etrangère, 77/4, 2012 (in French).

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“The Gun, the AK-47 and the Evolution of War, by C.J Chivers”, Les Champs de Mars, N°21, August 2011 (in French).